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Size Board Public Hearings, November 18, 2014
4K November at the Gale Library
6K 4, 2014 General Election Results - Newton
3K message from Newton’s Road Agent regarding winter road maintenance…
7K for Proposal - Statistical Update
3K and New Hampshire Downloadable Books
6K to Bid: Printing of the 2014 Annual Town Report
4K"What You Need to Know about Ebola" from the CDC
3K Station no longer accepting items with Freon starting Nov 1st
3K of the Gale Library, Newton Fall Fundraisers
4K Tax Rate and Billing Information
6K Recreation is proud to sponsor a trip to see "A Christmas Carol"
14K Roller Skating for Newton Residents
11K Fire Permit
7K Commission looking for members
5K Memorial Flags Available Free of Charge
3K Unitil's New Electric Outage Map
3K Volt Batteries a Fire Hazard
4K about Funeral Pre-Planning
4K Notice: Restoration of Involuntarily Merged Lots
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