November 6, 2006 Planning Board Minutes
Ordinance Planning Work Session
of the Newton Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
November 6, 2006

In attendance:
Kim Pettit, Ann Miles, Rich LeClaire, Mary Allen, Gary Nelson - NPB
Reuben Hull – RPC Circuit Rider
Mike DiBartolomeo - Building Inspector

1) Accessory Apartments

Discussion of minimum SF or % of total gross floor area, need to amend the definition of gross floor area to clearly exclude garages, delete word “unroofed”

2) Home Occupations

Based on East Kingston definitions of home occupation (no discernible business activity, no signage, no employees) and home-based business

Discussion of the registration of accessory apartments & home occupations/businesses with Town for safety reasons; safety inspections; commercial tax rate.

3) Access Management

To be based on Newfields ordinance – diffentiation btw. driveway types (commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural), driveway useage (traffic volume), and road characteristics (speed, volume), intersections, signals, pedestrian/bike  facilities, etc. May require some detail changes & coordination with subdivision regs, modifications to be made separately.

4) Floodplain Ordinance

In order for the Town to be accepted into the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through FEMA, a standard flood plain ordinance must be adopted which governs construction in federally-designated flood zone.

5) Condominium Conversions

6) Recodification/reorganization of the zoning ordinance, including coordination of definitions, sections, grammatical errors, etc.
7) Commercial architectural ordinance

Based on RPC village ordinance model – deals with building facades, signage, lighting, parking.

8) Modifications to the Elderly Housing Ordinance

To address the calculation of “available” units for development (currently allowed at 10% of the existing total # of housing units in town). Existing elderly units will be excluded from the annual calculation. Also looking at adding language to prevent the banking or reservation of units.

9) Correction of building code references in the zoning ordinance

To cite the current edition of the NH State Building Code.


Minutes recorded by Kim Pettit, NPB.