2005 Annual Town Report

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Description of Contents

Section 1


Section 2

Town Officers

Section 3

Town Statistics

Section 4


Section 5

Budget Worksheets

Section 6

Valuation - Inventory

Section 7

Balance Sheet

Section 8

Comparative Statement

Section 9

Town Property Schedule

Section 10

Records of the 2005 Deliberative Session on February 8, 2005

Section 11

Results of the 2005 Annual Town Meeting Election

Section 12

Town Clerk's Report

Section 13

Auditor's Report

Section 14

MS-61 Tax Collector's Report

Section 15

Treasurer's Report

Section 16

Will of Emma Gale Harris Trust

Section 17

Impact Fees

Section 18

Gale Library Treasurer's Report

Section 19

2005 Receipts - Summary

Payments - Summary
Receipts - Detailed

Section 20

Town Warrant - 2006

Section 21

MS6 Town Budget (State Report)

Section 22

MS6 Warrant Article Appropriations (State Report)

Section 23

MS6 Revenues

Section 24

MS6 Default Budget (State Report)

Section 25

Detailed Payments - Part 1

Section 26

Detailed Payments - Part 2

Section 27

Gale Library payments

Section 28

Year end reports

Board of Selectmen
Police Department
Fire Department
Forest Fire Warden & State Forest Ranger

Section 29

Year end reports
Gale Library
Office of Building Safety
Road Agent
NCAT-20 Cable Committee
Conservation Commission

Section 30

Conservation Commission Trail Map

Section 31

Year end reports
Planning Board
Board of Health
Appeals Board

Section 32

Year end reports
Welfare Office and Food Pantry
Transfer Station
Recreation Commission

Section 33

Current Use Acreage

Section 34

Trustee of Trust Funds Accounts

Section 35

Cemetery Trust Funds

Section 37

Social Services
A Safe Place
Area Homecare and Family Services
Drugs are Dangerous
Family Mediation and Juvenile Services
Lamprey Health Care
NH Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Section 38

Social Services
Rockingham Community Action
Rockingham VNA - Hospice
The Sad Cafe
Seacare Health Services
VIC Geary Center
West Nile Virus