Funeral Pre-Planning Information

Arranging and attending a funeral for a family member is one of the most difficult and heart wrenching experiences a person or persons can go through. In an effort to make this process a little easier, the Cemetery Trustees would like to take the opportunity to provide some information and insight based on our experiences.

In the past five (5) years your trustees have participated in fifty-eight (58) interments in our cemeteries, some involving small children and teens. It is almost impossible to prepare for the unexpected, heartbreaking deaths of young ones. However, the majority of our interments were of older family members. One thing that became very clear to us was that the funerals that had been "pre-planned" were much less stressful on the family than the ones that required a last minute grave purchase, funeral arrangements etc...

No one likes to think about death, but it is inevitable for all of us. In an effort to make this most trying experience a little easier on you and your families, we would like to take this opportunity offer you some information that may be helpful regarding funeral pre-arrangements.

In addition to the basic steps mentioned below, we have prepared three (3) documents that may be of help to you.

  1. A copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Newton Cemeteries
  2. A document that covers several pertinent topics. IE: Planning, Costs, Type of Funeral etc... it also includes some links for additional information
  3. A "Pre-Plan Worksheet" you can use to ensure you address all pertinent elements

Basic Steps:

  1. Reflect - Take time to consider your desires and options for your final arrangements. This includes taking time to reflect on your passions, beliefs and how you see yourself.
  2. Record - Record your final wishes in a formal document and keep it in a secure place. For more detailed final arrangements, consult with a planning counselor at your local funeral provider.
  3. Share - Share your wishes with loved ones and your estate planner or attorney to make sure they understand what you want. Provide them with a copy of your pre-planning document or make sure they know where to locate it.
  4. Support - The best way to ensure your final arrangements are carried out as you’ve planned, is to support them financially. Think about ways you can provide this support for your final plans.

Click here for Pre-planning a Funeral

Click here for the Pre-planning Worksheet