Tournament of Books 2023

Tween & Teen Tournament of Books

WBulletin board with images of 8 book covers & bracket lines and spaces for winners to proceed toward the winner's spote invite our tweens and teens to choose the book "winners" in our Tournament of Books! Eight chapter books are in the running, each representing a different genre:

Mystery vs Paranormal/Sci-Fi
Historical Fiction vs Action/Adventure
Graphic Novel vs Poetry/Verse
Suspense vs Thriller

Here's how it works:

1) Read one book, then write your opinion in the notebook attached to the bulletin board. Was the book enjoyable, do you recommend it? Was it funny, scary, gross, confusing? Share as much or as little as you'd like.

2) Read the next book that your first book was "competing against" and compare them in the notebook, letting us know which of the two YOU thought was best.

The books with the most votes in each of the first four competitions will move ahead and compete again with one of the other winners, until only one remains.

Don't forget the prizes!!! There are vinyl stickers as prizes for each book read and each journal entry. That means for one book you can win two vinyl stickers!

This tournament will run until the end of April - will you vote during each bracket & will your favorite win? Read, vote, & find out!