Selectmen Honor Police Officers

PD and BOS

On Tuesday September 20, 2022, the Newton Board of Selectmen honored four distinguished Officers of the Police Department.  Chief Michael Jewett introduced Lieutenant John Mascaro, Detective/Sergeant Aaron Mounsey, Sergeant Christopher Maguire and Sergeant Ryan Geary.  These Police Officers received a “Certificate of Recognition,” Lieutenant and Sergeant badges and special signatory pens, representing their ability to “script their own pathway” in the future of law enforcement.  These “distinctive gifts” represented their exemplary police service in the community.

Mathew A. Burrill, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen stated, “Each of these Police Officers bring a high level of notable police service coupled with a strong commitment to public service.  Serving as a member of law enforcement is more than a profession, it’s a calling.  Today, we recognize these Police Officers for their outstanding work on behalf of the Town of Newton, New Hampshire.”

Michael Connolly, Member of the Board of Selectmen stated, “This was a special ceremony to salute the exemplary work that our fine Police Officers perform for the residents and businesses in the Town of Newton.”

Police Officers and their families and friends were in attendance.