The Town of Newton is a wonderful little town in which to live and I truly hope you will embrace our community and learn about our unique state. Please visit NH.GOV for a wealth of information! 

New Residents from Out of State:   You have 60 days to change your residency to New Hampshire, register your vehicles, and get a NH Driver License. All new residents should visit the Town Clerks office for assistance before visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to change your driver license, as the Town Clerk is the only authority to determine residency. 

The staff in the clerks office will need to see some proof of residency.  If you bought a home, we will need to see one of the following: P&S agreement, deed, mortgage statement, HUD statement or insurance statement, and a utility bill in owners name, showing service location.   If a residing individuals name is not on one of those documents, we will have you sign a form affirming that persons' residency.  If you rent your home, we will need to see your rental/lease agreement, or a written statement from the property owner. All occupants must be on the rental document.  The Town Clerk also reserves the right to request a renewed lease, or statement of residency from the property owner, at any time.

Once residency has been established, we will explain how to go about registering vehicles, boats, dogs, etc, and how to get your driver license.

If you acquire a NH driver license before you visit the Town Clerks Office, it will not be considered proof of residency.

New Residents from In State:  You have 30 days in which to change your address with the State of NH.  You will find the Change of Address form here.  You will also need to provide the same proof of residency documents as stated above.

Please check out the information on this website as it may answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you!!