Other Town Recycling Programs

Boy Scout Recycling:

  • Aluminum Cans: Newton Residents Only. Please rinse to reduce bee hazard.

Glass Recycling:

  • Brown, Clear & Green Glass: Rinse and remove tops

Motor Oil:

  • Accepted in clear or translucent gallon containers


  • See cost on Fee Sheet

Scrap Metal:    

  • All metals are recycled. See price sheet for Appliances, Propane Tank & the cost for other large items.


  • Both car batteries and regular household batteries (aaa, aa, c, d & 9-volt) and rechargeable batteries. Tape all button cell batteries for they are extremely flammable.


  • Please flatten to standard fold size – may be in brown paper bags.

Magazine & Catalogs:

  • May be in brown paper bags. We receive $35 a ton or the going rate for uncontaminated newsprint. Our challenge is to see how many tons we can get in the box. Phone books cannot be recycled. FOR NEWTON RESIDENTS ONLY.

Mixed Paper:

  • This category includes everything but: Anything with plastic, food contamination (pizza boxes, used paper plates,etc.), Thermofax or carbon paper. Please flatten all boxes.


  • No logs over 5" in diameter.  FOR NEWTON RESIDENTS ONLY.


  • No trash, branches, sticks, limbs or any other contaimate. FOR NEWTON RESIDENTS ONLY.


  • Five containers on site for donating unwanted clothing, sheets, blankets, coats, etc. Available for Newton, Kingston, East Kingston and South Hampton Residents.

Leaves & Grass Clippings are placed in the compost pile:

  • See attendant for location.

Mercury Contained Items:

  • See an Attendant

Cell Phones:

  • See Attendant

Packing Peanuts:

  • See Attendant

Clean Wood Pile:

  • If the wood has paint, stain, polyurethane, gloss or chemicals it CANNOT go in the wood pile. Other exampes of wood that cannot go into the pile are plywood, pressboard, gypsum, pressure treated wood, etc. These types of wood are held together with adhesive and cannot be disposed of in the wood pile. This clean wood pile is chipped up and used as eco-fuel and Newton Residents can take wood from the pile.

Swap Area:

  • Only items that are not broken and have all their pieces can go into this area. The swap area will be open when weather permits. If you have any questions, see an Attendant. NEWTON RESIDENTS ONLY.

It is the goal of the recycling group to recycle 40% of out mixed solid waste. We pay $95 a ton to tip our solid waste into a landfill. When we have items removed at no cost we have reduced expenses to the taxpayers; generating revenue is a greater reduction. We are always looking for volunteers to help in our efforts to recycle. If you have time to offer, please contact the Selectmen’s Office at 382–4405.