Mission Statement:

The Assessing Department is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property in the Town of Newton. All responsibilities and functions of the assessing office are based upon fair and equitable administration of the New Hampshire Constitution and statutes governing property assessments. Assessments are determined by following internationally accepted mass appraisal practices. The assessing staff strives to be fiscally responsible and sensitive to the public's needs.

Assessment records, sketches and some photos of properties may be viewed from a public computer in the lobby area at the Town Hall. Property owners may have a copy of their assessment record card free of charge, however a copy of any other assessment record cards or map can be printed for a dollar each. The Town tax maps and assessment data are now online.

General Annual Responsibilities:

  • Town authority for all property assessment and related issues.
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of the State of New Hampshire Tax Law.
  • Administer State Statutes governing taxation.
  • Perform statistical analysis to monitor market trends and ratio studies.
  • Review property tax assessments based upon market research and analysis.
  • Conduct on-site inspections to evaluate property changes due to subdivisions and lot line mergers.
  • Conduct on-site inspections due to building and demolition permits to determine value change.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating town tax maps.
  • Process tax abatement applications and give recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.
  • Process and maintain current use, conservation easements and conservation restrictions.
  • Determine market value for land use change tax.
  • Process and maintain discretionary preservation easements.
  • Process applications for tax exemption/credit programs. (blind, disabled, elderly, veteran, solar and wind)
  • Process and update ownership information via deeds and probate documents.
  • Maintain and update property tax assessment records due to planning and zoning changes and decisions.
  • Assist other departments and agencies on an as needed basis.
  • Provide assessment related data to various entities, taxpayers, and the general public.
  • Respond to taxpayer requests, and provide customer service in person, via email, or over the telephone.