Police Department

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Newton Police Department is to actively improve the quality of life within the Town by reducing crime, as well as the fear of crime, empowering the citizens and achieving integral working relationships with our community, appointed and elected officials, emergency services and other communities, functioning within the framework of our justice and social service systems

Value Statement

The Newton Police Department will strive to provide and is committed to maintaining the following values:

Trust and Confidence – to continue to earn the trust and confidence of the community

Accountability – to remain accountable to the citizens of Newton by providing timely, effective and efficient services

Professionalism – we will strive to set a professional example through our daily endeavors

Respect – we value people and treat all people with respect, compassion and understanding

Integrity – as individuals and as an organization, we place the utmost value on honesty and integrity, and adhere to the highest moral standards.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Newton Police Department to become the benchmark for law enforcement excellence.