Trustees of the Gale Library

Library Trustees are the governing body of the Library. The Trustees, in consultation with the Library Director, prepare and present the annual budget to the Board of Selectmen and expend all money raised and appropriated for the Library. The Trustees adopt all policies, rules and regulations for the operation of the Library. The Trustees are responsible for hiring and supervising a Library Director and conducting an annual performance review. In consultation with the Library Director, the Trustees appoint all other employees of the Library and determine their compensation and other terms of employment.

The Trustees expend income generated from all trust funds designated for library purposes for the support and maintenance of the Library in accordance with the conditions of each donation accepted by the Town.

Trustees work closely with the Library Director and meet on the second Wednesday of the month to conduct all business. The Board of Trustees consists of a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary and up to three Alternate Trustees.

Board Members