Purchase Fees

(Revised 2016)


All fees or charges for purchased lots will be paid to the Cemetery Trustees. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Newton. As of June 1, 2016 the cost of each grave site is $375.00. Upon payment, a cemetery lot Right to Inter Authorization, as well as a copy of the Cemetery Rules & Regulations will be given to the purchaser. No foundations or monuments will be placed upon a lot until it is paid for in full. The location of single grave sites will be determined by the Cemetery Trustees.

The sale of lots in all Newton cemeteries will be restricted to current or former residents of the town of Newton. This restriction also applies to the transfer of ownership of a lot.

The cost for each lot space includes perpetual care. Perpetual care service shall include the cutting and trimming of grass upon the lot at reasonable intervals.

Transfer of lot ownership will not be recognized without prior notification and consent of the Cemetery Trustees. A $10.00 fee is applicable for all transfers of lot ownership.

The laws of the State of New Hampshire govern the descent of title to cemetery lots, as well as other matters relating to their ownership. It is important that, on the death of an owner of the lot, the heirs should file with the Cemetery Trustees, full proof of ownership for the purpose of correcting the record. Notarized statements as to relationship and certified copies of wills are normally sufficient.